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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 7, 2012 || 7:42 pm

Today I got up with the alarm and sat around typing into the little box and drinking ice water like my life depended on it. At ten thirty-eight an e-mail arrived in my inbox; it told me that yes, of course, I could go to welding school under a specialized grant.

At eleven thirty-two an e-mail arrived in my inbox that told me we had been approved for a short-term housing relief program we’d not been aware of until roughly a month ago. A strongly-worded letter to the State Attorney General’s Office about our mortgage company’s staunch attempts to hide information about programs we qualified for (and which, under certain government settlements, they are required to disclose when borrowers initiate queries for loan modifications or assistance) yielded some very fast results. We have been eligible for this program for over a year. We could have been dug out completely in that time, but we are overjoyed to qualify for what we have while we seek a long-term modification plan.

I pushed myself away from the desk, went to the post office, picked up my kid, deposited my kid at the band bus, then came home, utterly exhausted all of the sudden. I sat down on the couch, tipped myself over, and I slept deep and still and hard for two-and-a-half hours.

I rested. For the first time in many, many months, I rested.

Guys. I’m going to learn to weld. How many times have I told you I want to do that? (Next up: Kickboxing) I get to play with fire without my mom yelling at me. I get to make cool stuff with metal and heat.

Guys. We will keep our house for at least another six months. Maxim’s shoulders will come off his ears!

Thank you so, so much for rooting for me, you over there with your quiet e-mails of encouragement/advice and your surprises in my mailbox and silly songs in my voicemail and spontaneous pizzas at the back door.

There’s still work to be done, for sure. I’ve a business I’m building, brick by painstaking brick; I’ve kids to feed and a husband to soothe.

Right now, though? Right now we have celebrating to do.  Turn the volume way, way up, mash play and lift your booty out of that seat. Flop around the room. Dance, you free things, you.

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  1. bri 9.7.2012


  2. Summer 9.7.2012

    AWESOME. I am SO JEALOUS about the fire.

  3. Pgoodness 9.7.2012


  4. velocibadgergirl 9.7.2012

    FIST BUMP!! I’m so glad to hear good news.

  5. Dawn B 9.7.2012

    The TWANG is strong with this one…


  6. René 9.7.2012

    Such amazing news! And I’m so jealous of the welding thing!

  7. duff 9.9.2012

    And there’s the one/two KAPOW punch of a thousand different wrongs being righted with the power of fire. Welding fire.
    How stellar will it be when we don our welding helmets and torches and then kickbox inside Thunderdome?!
    In other news- I like emails that tell me what I want to hear.

  8. ramble 9.9.2012

    Awesome. Really and truly.

  9. the muskrat 9.10.2012

    so glad to hear this!

  10. Cheryl 9.10.2012

    My heart is full-to-bursting with joy for you and your family. Wish I’d learned to fiddle because I’m dying to break into a riff: “Fire on the mountain, run, woman, run!”

  11. Holmes 9.27.2012

    I’m like 20 days late or something on this one, but that is great news. Very happy for all y’all.


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