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I will not conform to this world.

I will not let my experiences define me. I will, however, allow them to inform how I view others and how I make decisions. Being hemmed in builds a propensity toward risk. Risk is invigorating, even when you are pissing yourself.

I will not be defeated. I may experience defeat, I may feel it from time to time in every fiber I cart around on these bones. Character and empathy spring from life grinding away at you a little.

I just ate a good meal, and I’m sitting in a comfortable house. Neither the meal nor the home were guaranteed when I hit this world squalling. They’re still not. I need to learn to embrace this truth, and not panic when I am reminded of it.

The reality of happiness is this: You have your eyes open, you breathe, you look around and you are satisfied.
The reality of sadness is this: You have your eyes open, you breathe, you expect and you are disappointed.
The reality of creativity is this: You have your eyes open, you breathe, your brain itches and you scratch that itch with the movement of your pencil, your pliers, your legs, your imagination.
The reality of stagnancy is this: You have your eyes open, you breathe.

I will be happy, I will be sad, I will be creative; I will not be stagnant.

Destruction is the prelude to creation, everything is impermanent, and all things are possible, even the impossible. I’ve been doing the impossible my whole fucking life. Sometimes I am silly and forget.

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  1. Chris Robinson 11.13.2012

    You have to acknowledge how fragile life is and how vulnerable we are to bad fortune in order to tap into the reservoir of resilience and toughness within. This is a matter of urgency and beauty — qualities that don’t often intersect.

  2. EarnestGirl 11.21.2012

    This here affirmation post is why I read. I read for the breadcrumbs that lead to the truths of how we get through, rise up, suffer and learn, grieve and rejoice, how we are so terribly destructive and selfish and how we manage to breathe, yes, and sometimes open our eyes just wide enough to let in the beauty beyond.

    Sing, for the laughter and sing for the tears. (did I just quote Aerosmith? Mercy, yes, apparently I did.) Read. Breathe. Keep counting those simple blessings (I am grateful this minute for the cushion under my derriere which is shielding me from this hard chair and my own bad midnight posture.)(I am grateful for all the people straining their hearts and eyes to create art so we can peer into the cracks and be less afraid.) Courage my love.

  3. Holmes 12.6.2012

    I will not be stagnant. Co-signed!


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