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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 13, 2013 || 5:38 pm

Since the dawn of Nick’s new man-sized stature and 34″ inseam, there has been some frustration over jeans and khakis inside our normally-peaceful four walls. The kid is an absent-minded genius and just grabs pants that look like that could maybe-probably-perhaps belong to him, no matter what methods Maxim has employed to deter this sort of thing.

“Listen,” Maxim said tonight as we all stood in the kitchen conferring on dinner, “I just bought a bunch of new jeans with the money that Sam sent me for Christmas. I’m ┬áhere to tell you, son, that I am going to go ballistic if I have to go chasing them down even one time. I’m serious as a heart attack.”

Nick, now fully one inch taller than Maxim, looked passively on, nodding. I was amused, because I know what’s coming. Still, I added my two cents in:

“Don’t steal Daddy’s pants, don’t get anyone pregnant: Those are the rules around this joint.”

It was here that Maxim nodded sagely, “If you steal my pants, you are very likely to get someone pregnant.” He slung a thumb in my direction, “See her? I just touched her and here you are, son.”

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  1. sarah piazza 3.13.2013


  2. jon 3.13.2013

    I would not wear those jeans on public transportation. Bingo Night at the church is probably safe, though.

  3. Jett Superior 3.14.2013

    Maybe. IF you don’t touch knees with anyone or anything.

  4. Father Muskrat 3.14.2013

    Magic pants scare me.

  5. Kerry Bolger 6.17.2013



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