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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 11, 2013 || 6:19 pm

We gather in warm brick houses with brocade paper on the walls. Candles burn in jars and the hands of the boys move so quickly that they become blurs as they play.

The people are happy, the people are smiling and clutching one another mirthfully as they dance. Singing, urging the band on, they are fevered and joyful and shine; the people shine so hard that the stars would be jealous if the roof was not protecting their feelings.

There is shalom in every bounce, in every handclap, in every laughing face of every dark-haired girl.

Dance, women.  Shout, men. Play on, beautiful music-makers. Hold back the evils of the world, make us one with each other. Help us to hear God.

(a very special thank you to Demian, to Katy, to Derick, and to the Flying Balalaika Brothers for the amazing time….also to Sean for that crazy-assed drink that I still don’t know the name of but that suited the mood perfectly)

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  1. Sarah Piazza 3.11.2013

    Mmm… Good times.

  2. Father Muskrat 3.11.2013

    Glad it went well!

  3. jon 3.12.2013

    That makes me want to wear a cool hat and just bounce until Spring arrives.

  4. Jett Superior 3.13.2013

    I have had a lot of good nights in my lifetime, JH. I’ve seen a lot of good bands. This one ranks way, waaaaay up there on both counts.


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