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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 19, 2013 || 9:22 pm

You know, for some years now I’ve been trying to ‘get a hold of myself,’ to be even and mild and measured.
I’m thinking that I’ve put in a lot of work that was antithetical to who I’m supposed to be.
I don’t want to be gentle and quiet as a rule.
I want to roar, both in my laughter and my rage.
Supplanting that roar with a Mona Lisa mouth makes me feel all odd angles and unsatisfactory leanings.

I can whisper when I’m dead.
And if I can’t, I won’t know the dang difference anyway.

Tell me about your misplaced work, sugar. I miss your voice.

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  1. Schmutzie 6.19.2013

    Be who you be :)

  2. Sarah Piazza 6.20.2013

    (I miss YOUR voice.)

    Dylan Thomas comes to mind. “Do not go gentle…” And yes, of course.

  3. Chris Robinson 6.26.2013

    Brilliant and touching — as always. Most days, I am content with quiet serenity. But it can be a bad habit when occasions arise that demand something akin to outrage or boundless joy.


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