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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 27, 2013 || 1:05 pm


Veterans: Let’s do the dang thang.

Newcomers: My friends have Big Personalities and this thing is a hoot. We have a lot of fun doing this; don’t be afraid. Sign up in the comments below (don’t forget to include your email address!) and wait for further instructions via email. To get more of a gist, you can refer to previous posts about the swap here.

I’m capping this year’s participation at fifty swappers. You have until Wednesday, December 4th to sign up; I’ll close the list and start pairing folks then. Yippee kai ay!

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  1. Katy Barrilleaux 11.27.2013

    Oh, I’m definitely in!

  2. Jessica Commins 11.27.2013

    Count me in, laydeh! <3

  3. Jen Simon 11.27.2013


  4. Sara Zias 11.27.2013

    Sounds like fun!!

  5. brynne 11.27.2013

    In. So hard.

  6. Me me me count me in!

  7. Cherie Beyond 11.28.2013

    In like sin, lady.

  8. Carissa Norris 11.30.2013

    Yay! I want to start collecting handmade ornaments for Charlie. Kinda like his own mini art collection.This is perfect!

  9. jon 11.30.2013

    Right on. There’s nothing to life but ornaments.

  10. Maria 12.2.2013

    Yay i’m in!

  11. Minerva Zimmerman 12.2.2013

    me me me

  12. debbie 12.2.2013

    Yes pretty please with stuff on top!

  13. debbie 12.2.2013

    Also my email – 1deborah.logan@gmail,com – if you can’t pull it from my comment

  14. Jenny Grace 12.2.2013


  15. Bejewell 12.2.2013

    Sometimes in the middle of the year I have this recurring dream like the one where you’re late for a test, but in my dream it’s not a test I forgot but the Superior Swap-o-Rama. I suddenly remember but it’s too late and all of a sudden there’s Jett Superior tapping her foot and having her head and giving me the stink eye and I feel like an even bigger loser than Geraldo Must have felt like when he went looking for that shit in Al Capone’s tomb or whatever and wasted like three hours of everyone’s lives. Then I wake up in a sweaty panic, panting really hard with my heart pounding until I realize it’s only June and I have another six months before I totally fuck up the ornament exchange.

    So obviously, I’m in.

  16. Bejewell 12.2.2013

    Also I typed all of that on my phone and I’m pretty much the worst texter in the whole world so cut me some slack before you judge, judgy people. I can’t help it that autocorrect thinks “shaking” is “having.” I can’t speak for autocorrect.

  17. Silver 12.2.2013

    Hey, hi, yes, chiming in for another round!

  18. Jenna 12.3.2013

    We skipped last year, and our holidays just weren’t the same. Count us in! We need magic and sparkle again!!!

  19. Jenna 12.3.2013

    We skipped out last year, and our holidays held no magic! We want in again!

  20. velocibadgergirl 12.3.2013


  21. Ohjennymae 12.4.2013

    Me! I’m in!

  22. Troutie 12.4.2013

    Me please!

  23. Angi 12.4.2013

    OH YEAH!!! I’m in again!

  24. Teri 12.6.2013

    I am in, dollface!

  25. Cheryl 12.8.2013

    Dayum! Just read the fine print and I’m very, very late. On an unrelated note, it appears that you already have an even number of people so I’d be odd.

    If you think it can work to have me on board, shoot me a quick message since I’m in “creatin’ and makin’ shit” mode.


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