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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 17, 2014 || 11:52 pm

Just got off the phone with my father. That call didn’t just elicit a couple of emotional swings, it built a whole damn swingset.

Let’s focus on this one thing, though: I just got off the phone with my father. You know, the guy who two years ago was given a death sentence containing the words “small cell” and “inoperable.”

He’s still here.

Now let’s tease out one more detail from that call: He’s going to Guatemala on a mission trip. This leaves me stunned in about fourteen different ways.

ByGod, it occurs to me that I am still proud of this man. Not thoroughly; not even mostly. But in certain key, important ways that damn near make up for the lack. I call that a win.

“I hope you’re proud / to be my dad.”

Even a decade and a half of estrangement can’t kill certain things.

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  1. Elan Morgan 2.18.2014

    He’s got some incredibleness going on there.

  2. Cheryl 2.18.2014

    That rocked me back on my heels even as I realized he’s really not quite done here.

  3. Pam 2.18.2014

    And a big-ass fist bump to both of you.

  4. Bejewell 2.18.2014

    I’m guessing that proud feeling is mutual. So happy for you both!! XOXO

  5. billy fred hellams 2.21.2014

    determined,in charge PROUD a two way street. Happy for Yall


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