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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 11, 2014 || 12:34 am

I was raised in a sphere wherein things like nosebleeds were dealt with matter-of-factly.

One time a guy told me he fell in love with me because I didn’t really bat an eye when he sprouted a nosebleed one afternoon. He was impressed that I didn’t panic and wasn’t embarrassed or grossed out. I just tended to him calmly and he was smitten, he said.

“I mean, I knew I wanted to bag you the first time I saw you,” he said, “but Nosebleed at the Mall dropped any negative odds in my book. ”

So that was one of the best and most terrible relationships of my life. I bought him a yellow shirt that day; it was the color of lemon chiffon and he’d never worn yellow before. He kept that shirt for 22 years, he told me. This was a revelation of gigantic proportions to me, coming as it was from someone so afraid of vulnerability.

He stole a snapshot of me and my then-boyfriend from my house three weeks later. He carted that around in his wallet the same amount of time, bobbing around on board ships, marching across deserts, comfortably embracing the role of stranger in a strange land.

“That’s weird,” I told him when I found out.
“I know! I cut him out of it and burned him.” He was proud of that.
“Oh, that one went up in flames, alright!” I said in response.
“One thing about you,” he said, “is that you’ve always had that quick mouth.”

It’s true. My mouth has a built-in quickness and my heart has a long memory. One or the other is always giving me trouble, I swear. Both of them have costs. Who gives a fuck about costs. They’re like nosebleeds: Transient and nothing to panic over.

Life is short, and what’s a little blood, anyway?

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  1. Amanda 7.11.2014

    Since I first came to know you online I felt like you made it possible to pack a whole lotta living in not a lot of time. Something about the way you talk and connect, feels like a lifetime friendship.

  2. MidLyfeMama 7.11.2014

    Wise words those are.

  3. John 7.11.2014

    Funny thing is that I used to get nosebleeds on a constant basis during the winters up north. Doctor said I just have thin blood vessels in my nose. Hell, just tying my shoes would bring it on. I could wake up from a deep sleep if I felt my nose running such was the fear of bleeding out. Wow, haven’t thought about that in a while. Another reason I fled from the frigid tundra.


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