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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 13, 2014 || 8:53 pm

Hey! Did you know I host a virtual ornament exchange each year? Well, I do.  It’s time for this year’s swap!


If you’re new, then the basics are:
+ you can make your ornament or purchase it
+ it must have a retail value of seven to twenty dollars

If you want to get a feel for things, you can check out past shenanigans here, here, here, and herrrrre.

If I’ve suitably broken you in with a past swappy endeavor, then the song remains the same.

I’m opening up ten more slots this year because I am an intrepid soul, y’all. If you want to be included, post up a comment below (don’t forget your email address!). I’ll leave comments open until Friday the 21st, then I’ll email everyone with further details that evening.

Also: I will be sending a little bonus surprise to one swapper this year. BECAUSE FA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAA and presents are fun.

19 worked it out »

  1. Ellie 11.13.2014

    I’m in! I’m in!

  2. Cherie Beyond 11.14.2014

    I’m in, I’m in, I’m always in.

  3. Jess Commins 11.14.2014

    Woman, you KNOW I’m in. :)

  4. Jen 11.14.2014

    In and all the way turnt up! woot!

  5. FHM 11.14.2014

    dood, I’m in.

  6. Alexis 11.14.2014

    I’m in. Pick me!

  7. Jenny Grace 11.14.2014

    Me! I did it!

    So I couldn’t comment on my phone because the Alphabet Junkie badass lady on the left appears over the comment form when you zoom in and you can’t do anything to make her go away. Or I couldn’t figure it out, anyhow.

  8. Neil 11.14.2014


  9. brynne 11.14.2014

    Same here- Had to wait til I could comment from mah laptop.

    Anyhoo- Wheeee!

  10. Michele 11.14.2014

    Me, meeeee, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Me. Falalalalalalalaaaaaaaa.

  11. Celeste 11.14.2014

    Yes puh-lease!

  12. Silver 11.14.2014

    My Dear Mz. Junkie, I respectfully request to be included in your most exciting Magical Holidaylicious Superior Ornament Exchange for the 2015 season.

    in other words, hellz yeah!

  13. Mindy 11.14.2014


  14. Sara Zias 11.14.2014

    I’m in!

  15. Minerva 11.17.2014

    Me me me!

  16. velocibadgergirl 11.17.2014


  17. Debbie 11.19.2014

    In it to win it!

  18. jenna 11.21.2014

    I think I’ve already said it a few times, but were in too (just for two this year)

  19. Bejewell 11.21.2014

    Last minute I know, but YES.


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