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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 27, 2017 || 9:50 pm


Hey errbody. It’s time! All the details you can shake a stick at are in previous posts about these shenanigans.

Comment below if you want to join our rowdy, cheer-laden asses and I’ll send a group email this Saturday with further details. YAYUH!

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  1. Minerva 11.27.2017


  2. Put me in, coach! I’m ready!

  3. Jess 11.27.2017

    Yes yes! Thank you, Jett!

    Love this exchange every year. :)

  4. Angi 11.28.2017

    I’m SO in! Yay!!

  5. Jen Simon 11.28.2017

    did I miss it? am I too late??

    Also: even if I did: HIIIII!!!! XOXO <3

  6. Michele 11.28.2017


  7. Ellie 11.28.2017

    I’m in!!!

  8. Cherie 11.28.2017

    Always me. Always.

  9. Lynne 11.30.2017

    Count me in, because I need a reason to focus outwardly right now. And I’ve been in this thing once before and the therapeutic value was in the bazillions. Thank you for keeping it going ❤️

  10. Flannel 12.1.2017

    We both want in. I’ve got a pile made already to sell and Megan will be making some this week.

  11. Celeste 12.1.2017

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! *pointsatself*

  12. Brynne 12.1.2017

    I almost didn’t, but then I did. ✋ Me too! ❤️

  13. Susan 12.1.2017

    Yes please! xoxoxox

  14. Jett Superior 12.1.2017

    Y’all, I’m so EXCITED about this year!

  15. Susan 12.2.2017

    Yes ma’am, count me in! Please and thank you.

  16. Carissa 12.2.2017

    I’m in if it’s not too late.


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