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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 28, 2018 || 2:23 pm


Hello lovelies. Consider this your official notice that swap signups are open. All the details you can shake a stick at are in previous posts about these shenanigans. More specific instructions will follow for participants, though.

Comment below (please include your email address!) if you want to join our rowdy, cheer-laden asses and I’ll send a group email a week from today with further details. WORD!

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  1. Michele Kosboth 11.28.2018

    MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME. I already have it ready to mail. I’ve been planning it for months.

  2. Celeste Woodside 11.28.2018

    Woooooooooooooooop! My bells are jinglin’!

  3. Jen Simon 11.28.2018


  4. Gena Garrett 11.28.2018

    I’m in! :D

  5. Cherie 11.28.2018

    Frankly, I am insulted that I am not an automatic add. What kind of ship are you running over there anyway?

  6. Susan Windley 11.28.2018

    I look forward to this every year now! Thanks for running this show!

  7. Debbie 11.28.2018

    Yes please!

  8. Angi Chamberlain 11.28.2018

    I am in!!

  9. Minerva 11.28.2018


  10. Susan Blood 11.30.2018

    Me please!

  11. Carissa Norris 12.1.2018


  12. Carissa Norris 12.10.2018

    Me! I want in!


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