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|| September 7, 2000 || 10:35 am || Comments (0) ||

It is now official. I am a certified MASTERMIND.

See my profile for yourself if you don’t believe me:

(Submissive Introvert Abstract Thinker )
Like just 9% of the population you are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this “scheming.” Don’t learn German.

Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader–you’ve definitely got the “vision” thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

Famous masterminds in television: Dr. Claw, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Montgomery Burns.

Can’t dispute the facts, baby. And you gits can forget the whole “learn to be a little more personable” thing. FUCK that. If I were a little more personable, I would have to make an effort to find redeeming qualities among the greater population.

I just can’t bend the pitch of my standards enough. And I am NOT SORRY.

|| August 26, 2000 || 10:09 am || Comments (0) ||

Douglas girls have their own look. Even in this sprawling Appalachian cluster of communities, I can spot them a mile away when I see them in town. Their faces are starkly angular and they possess exaggerated chins, like they were molded around a golf ball or something. They always have on black eyeliner that is applied in a sort of seventies hard rock kinda way and lipstick in a color that brings out the yellow skintone that most women try to camouflage. They dress in a K-mart caricature of current fashion trends and their bodies are slim (not skinny) and angular in such a way that I am reminded that some are born that way, not methamphetamine-altered. They have big, starving-cat eyes and run about five-foot-six on the average. They will never know a plump day in their lives, but may well develop that little belly pooch upon giving birth to their children. They look street-hard but innocent….comes from hailing from a farm community, I guess. The hair is limp, whether curly or straight, and worn just below the shoulder. They are mild-mannered and they get around. Just something I have observed and was ruminating over…

ON AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE NOTE: Going to see the Blake Babies tonight and I am entirely jazzed about that. Evan Dando is opening with someone else…he is so yummalicious. He never ages, I swear. I believe he must be a ‘WamPieUh’ or something. I remarked on this to a friend and she said, “Well of course he is…why do you think all of his shows are at night??” Right on.

Until then, I have the house to myself, Oh thank you sweet blessed Jesus, and am working to fill orders. Today is like taking several relaxed breaths and it is lovely.

|| August 23, 2000 || 9:19 pm || Comments (0) ||

“Bend over, robot.”

The quote of the day, courtesy of the movie Nowhere, which I finally got to see in its’ entirety.

I highly recommend it if you dig flicks that contain lots of drugs, sex, loosely-thrown-off glib one-liners, alien abductions and plastic poseurs who are WAY.

And oooh, that ‘Dark’….tasty, tasty, TASTY.


You felt you must be wise

‘Cause you could find yourself

Among a sea of smiling faces

It’s a way I’ve never felt

Yeah, it kinda flies right into my face

And out the other side

Oh, the ugly truth leaves nothing to decide

The ugly truth makes every one of us a liar


If you can dig a big enough hole

To bury all your youth

No you still won’t be prepared for the ugly truth

No you’ll never be prepared for the ugly truth

You simply cannot hide from the ugly truth


// Matthew Sweet, “The Ugly Truth

Now, that is what I call pretty.

|| August 18, 2000 || 8:29 pm || Comments (0) ||

Some snippets of what my daughter had to say today:

Looking over her bow organizer this morning for a particular hair accessory:
“Well, red hairbows don’t just grow legsth and walk AWAY, you know!!”

Upon being picked up from school in the extreme heat:
“I swear, today is the worstest day in mah WHOLE LIFE!”

While passing the airport:
“There’s where great-grandma used to work, at the airplane station….”

What she threatened to do with Boumpy the Penguin if her brothers didn’t stop trying to wrestle it from her in the car:
“I’ll throw it out the window!”

Her response when we foolishly disputed prior claim:
“I will if I HAVE TO!!”

Speaking of the Human Torch:
“Wish I glowed in the dark like Torcher Man.”

Everyone says she’s a chip offa the old motherstone.

|| August 16, 2000 || 11:21 am || Comments (0) ||

Last night, around 10:30 p.m.:

Me, muttering about T.V.: “What a fucking freak…”
Him: “Are you talkin’ to me?”
Me: “No, I’m talking to myself ’cause I’m a better conversationalist and have a much larger vocabulary.”
Him: “Why you wanna hurt my feelings by telling me the truth?”
Me: “I was exaggerating about your conversation skills…”

We laugh and hug. He gives GREAT hugs.

|| August 14, 2000 || 12:53 am || Comments (0) ||

I love my daddy’s plum wine. He sho’ know how ta do a brew.

I also love CoverGirl LipSlicks. So much so that I bought 3 new ones* today. FUCK all those expensive-ass lipsticks I usually buy…LipSlicks are the way to go, mang.

*In case you are wondering, I bought ‘Hint of Brown’, ‘Hint of Shimmering Sunset’ and ‘Hint of Shimmering Sandstone’. WOO-HOO!!!