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|| August 13, 2000 || 5:11 pm || Comments (0) ||

My mommy is here for a visit. YAYYAYYAY! She is a very nifty and wicked-vicious cool person to shoot the shit with. Perhaps I will set up an advice column of her very own. She will throw mondo counsel your way in 40 words or less (her pat style) and tell you to use it or don’t, but you asked. For those in dire need/straits, she will smack you upside the head and tell you to wise the hell up. She gives great hugs, too, but those are reserved for her babies (ME!) and her grandbabies.

Yesterday was passed with laid-backness and good conversation….last night was cartoons with the kiddos (mom has decided she likes The Rugrats and SpongeBob Squarepants very muchly). A quote: “Those PowerPuff Girls, I dunno…” Tomorrow is reserved for prowling the countryside and searching out the area’s ‘eccentricities’ (to be read, ‘Redneck Folklore Spots and Accompanying Handicrafts’). Today we went in search of stores to throw money at (Gawd, I love the stock market and her involvement in it!).

After shopping all day, I booted up and ended up reading lots of the articles contained here. YES, this is a problem I have long been aware of. YES, I very much do my part to combat it. I still always feel the tug of guilt, though. I feel remorse and sadness and disgust that these will never play as hard as they work.

Don’t get me wrong….I am not in favor of socialism. I am, however, in favor of fair labor standards (ones that DON’T allow children to be exploited). I am in favor of everyone getting their chance at their piece of the pie or the brass ring or the house with suitable living conditions, whichever they choose. As much as people annoy me, I still root for humanity. Go figure.

On the lighter side, I stumbled across this quote, and it is worthy of re-publishing here:

Q: anything on your mind?

A: adventure, excitement, a jedi craves not these things…but he does crave pussy

Amen. Pass the peaches.

|| August 11, 2000 || 2:39 pm || Comments (0) ||

Unxmaal.com. Go there….belongs to a long-lost cynical brother-in-arms who just so happens to be a relative. Hiya, Air-Hick!! I am humbled in the face of your Xc3ll3n7 H4×0r L337n3ss!

|| August 10, 2000 || 11:28 pm || Comments (0) ||

Wanna be in my gang?

We could all sit around practicing scarification with our switchpops while contemplating the dirty rat bastards that threaten our existence. We could sing the blues with painted tounges.

Then someday, oh someday, we’d feed our enemies scorpions and come away counting the money and laughing.

Pfft…and those big-ass suckers thought we were full of baloney. We ate ‘em for lunch.

|| August 9, 2000 || 11:28 pm || Comments (0) ||

I just got back from Curio Emporium. If you are jealous, you DAMN WELL should be.

Sheesh, I feel strangely giddy and refreshed.

***Oh yeah, I got accepted to my first webring as well…been a banner day all ’round, my fellow campers!

|| August 9, 2000 || 2:57 pm || Comments (0) ||

HA, I say to all you naysayers and critics…HA! The site is not brilliant, but I am making progress. Neener-neener-neener.

|| July 23, 2000 || 10:15 pm || Comments (0) ||

Red wine does funny things to my senses.

I was dancing with myself on the balcony, allowing the music in my head to murmur throughout my body. I love this state of self-contained beauty, where everything just belongs to the moment. I writhe and I breathe and it is delightfully pagan. It’s easy to forget him standing over there, just outside the squares of light careening off of the french doors. It’s easy to not remember that he is as absorbed as I am, for similar and dissimilar reasons….this dichotomy is pulpy and delicious.

Life itself is in those moments between what we experience and what we choose to dismiss from recollection.

And the stories, fuck me, the stories!

|| July 21, 2000 || 11:23 pm || Comments (0) ||

I spit sometimes.

Never in public–eegads–, never when anyone’s around. There’s nothing like a good spit. And by the way, there’s no loogie referral in that. I’ve never loogied in my entire life (it evokes the standard, girlie “ewwww, grossss…”). Sheer saliva is what I’m speaking of. ~say that fast 50x, o ye unfettered plebes~

The Prince Righteous Dude to my Princess CoolChick HATES when I spit. He caught me doing so one spring evening and said (in that wrinkly-nosed, precious way that high society reserves for those in the poorest of taste), “Why do you DO that?”

Before I could even process the question, much less formulate and convey an answer, came this shiny little slip of an interjection: “You do it JUST LIKE a man!”

~Sideways compliment, whether or not he is aware of it~

“Whaddaya expect?” was my quick reply.

“I spent all those years hanging out at rodeos when I was a kid.”

“And My Lord, Papaw LOVED that Mid-South Wresting (Hi, Jerry Lawler, Superstar Bill Dundee and Tojo Yamamoto! Hi!)!”

Say G’nite, Gracie.