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|| November 21, 2000 || 9:43 pm || Comments (0) ||


Memphis makes me mean:
I feel its stomp in my stomach;
My eyes glint in the humidity of Overton Square.

Memphis makes me sexy:
I feel its pounding in my veins;
The skin over my collarbone gleams under the lights of Beale.

Memphis makes me sorrowful:
I feel its cries of days past under my ribs;
My palms burn with the legacy of the Delta.

Memphis makes me alive:
I feel its pride in my backbone;
My blood is ignited by the electricity of the river skyline.

Memphis makes me whole:
I feel its umbilical remnant;
My being was shaped in its’ rocking embrace.

|| September 14, 2000 || 11:18 pm || Comments (0) ||

Were you there for the wilding?
Were you party to the vicious caress?
It lived and tossed of its’ own accord
At the impetus where breathing and brain function are ragged and sharp
And colors define themselves….
It is there where corners bend to touch;
Where broken strings come alive to sing.
What if you were never to return??